Stylish Cutting Boards

After being forgotten for a long time and stored away in our kitchen cupboards, the cutting board has reemerged as a hot new essential serving accessory for friendly get-togethers and dinners in town.

Why the recent piqued interest in cutting boards? Well, a cutting board is a kitchen utensil that’s used almost daily, when it comes to cutting and chopping food.

In the past, a cutting board was just meant for this particular use. Previously, it was just an uninspiring square or rectangular piece of wood or plastic to be used inside the kitchen, and definitely not something that the owner would be proud to showcase in any manner.

The cutting board still remains an essential kitchen utensil when it comes to cutting, mincing or chopping vegetables, fruits, meats, bread, cheese, etc. The difference now? Particular care is given to design as well as material, colour, and size — design elements that were previously disregarded.

Today’s cutting boards can take so many different shapes: square, rectangular, round and even sometimes the shape of a chicken or a water drop — the possibilities are endless! Truly a showcase of creativity at its best.

As for materials, the current trends are natural woods (with visible wood veins), slate and marble — mostly raw materials and solid colours. Even Michelin-starred restaurants use slate boards to serve delicious dishes. Take House Doctor’s Marble Board, for example. Its marble base is perfect for displaying any type of dish on, not just cheese.

Smaller cutting boards can make great gifts and are always useful to serve delicacies or bread slices. XL cutting boards such as Bloomingville’s (see below) can be brought in front of your guests and used to showcase aperitifs.

Below is a short selection of my favourite cutting boards, all available online now at Enjoy!

1- Marble Cutting Board, Rectangular by Bloomingville

2- Cutting Board and Knife Set by Nicolas Vahé

3- Marble Cutting Board by House Doctor

4- Slate Board, Round by Nicolas Vahé