Markslojd's bright, functional and affordable lamps

Markslojd Sweden is the embodiment of Nordic design — minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Their table, ceiling and wall lamps not only make for great displays within the house, they are also very affordable!

As one of Northern Europe’s leading lighting companies, the distinguished Scandinavian lighting manufacturer prides itself in designing practical and stylish lamps. They have thousands of models, from table to wall and ceiling lamps that combine attractive lighting with advanced lighting technologies. Their contemporary designs are crafted with great care and are of extremely high quality.

Out of their impressive range of lamps, four pieces really caught my eye:

  • The Adrian table lamp, available in blueclear and brown, is both classy and functional. The lamp redefines table lamps, keeping your rooms lit and elegant.
  • The Storm lamp is anything but ordinary, with a unique design that is complemented by its bold yet beautiful chrome colour. It is perfect for lighting your living spaces, adding an airy, mystical touch to the room. The lamp is available in two sizes and two colors: chrome and gold. Mix and match a few pieces for a unique rendering.
  • The Disc lamp exists both as a wall lamp and a pendant light. Featuring a bare bulb attached to a brass disc, it is hauntingly quirky and sure to liven up any room. If you’re a fan of brass accents, go for it!
  • Another of their standout lamps is the Sky Pendant Lamp. The lamp’s minimalist and clean design is accentuated by its simple colour scheme, creating an overall elegant vibe that will work well in any space. Exists in brass and black.

Cherry on the cake, Markslojd has super reasonable prices. The four lamps above start at SGD$85, up to SGD$158 only. With such affordable prices, Markslojd makes design accessible to anyone. Shop the lamps all online at You get an additional 10% your order when you sign up for Stylodeco’s newsletter 

Stay tuned to see more releases by Markslojd on the webstore!