Kim Soo Home | Contemporary products with an ethnic influence

Being a young brand has not stopped Kim Soo Home from churning out fresh, breezy products since its conception in May 2015. Established in Bali, Indonesia, Kim Soo Home retains the best aspects of bohemian and mediterranean styles.

Both a homewares brand and design space, Kim Soo Home retains the best aspects of bohemian and mediterranean styles, combining them with traditional ethnic elements to produce beautiful, high-quality products.

The brand gives off a bright and spirited vibe with products that are both simple and elegant, such as their Marble Cheeseboard with Leather Strap and Loft Lampshade. Both products successfully showcase the most fundamental elements of design, and still manage to look effortlessly stylish. To me they are timeless pieces e.g. they will fit in any type of interior and cross ages and styles without ever look out-of-date. The Loft Lampshade in particular is really an awesome piece, one of these “essential” home accessories that will follow me for the next 10 to 20 years.

Kim Soo Home’s collection ranges from hand-made products that were sourced from all across the Indonesian archipelago, to those born in their own design studios. One thing is common amongst them – they are all beautifully, intricately crafted products.

Their stylish range also features distinctly bohemian and tropical products, like the Mykonos and Hong Lampshades. These are stand-out products for me. I love the natural feel bamboo or rattan products give off, and the fringe of the Mykonos Lampshade is breathtaking and also incredibly unique! It is the perfect accessory to add Greek accents to a home.

Another characteristic of the brand is their daringness to take on bold forms, patterns, textures and shapes. Take the Luxe Cushion Cover for example; available in black and white, the traditional cotton pillowcase is given an unconventional twist with the addition of fringes. What a way to spruce up a couch!

I could go on and on about their fabulous designs, but why not take a look for yourself?
Browse through their range of products found on, and I guarantee you will be blown away by their stunning, minimalist designs.