4 Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

How to create a magical and festive atmosphere when entertaining guests outdoor? What are the main decorating tips and tricks to make it a success? I have listed 4 essentials that will really help transform a dinner into a fabulous party with friends and family.

One of the key benefits of living in a country such as Singapore is that the hot climate enables us to spend time outdoor all year long and enjoy the luxurious nature. Outdoor spaces here are styled all year long as interiors, as if our garden/terrace was not just an extension of our home but a room on its own.

When inviting friends over for dinner – which happens quite regularly…! -, I always use the same decorating tricks in order to create welcoming and festive atmosphere. I am sharing them with you:

  1. Number one essential is Lighting. String lights hanging over the dining table, candle holders across the table (the more the merrier!), and lanterns here and there in the garden right on the grass. Lighting is really the most important part of the setting when it comes to make people feel comfortable and warmly welcome.
  2. Linens. Again I may try here to convince you that linen tablecloths are fantastic (Sorry to be so… pushy!). I do believe stonewashed tablecloths are great in many ways: they add a touch of simplicity and comfort yet they dress up a dining table in a few seconds with style. I have various ones (white, natural linen, light pink and blue) in my closet and they really help making my table settings effortlessly chic.
  3. Party Centrepieces. Big serving plates, bowls and cutting boards (wooden, marble or slate boards) are perfect to showcase aperitifs, cheeses and more. They are sometimes heavy and bulky but they are so convivial and help make a dinner not too formal. And in the case you miss a plate, it will always taste better if it’s served in a pretty dish rather than in an ugly one, right?
  4. Touches of Gold. My cherry on the cake is to use brass decorative accents to add style, elegance as well as create a festive atmosphere. Brass balances perfectly well with linen (linen again!): your whole setting will look effortlessly (linen) chic (gold)!

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