Styling Nilufar, Organic Tea Brand

I met Leah from Nilufer a couple of months ago. She needed help to style her organic teas in store. We worked together on an attractive way to showcase her beautiful products, while respecting the brand’s image and philosophy. Check out her teas, they’re amazing!

Nilufer teas are made organically with dried herbs, flowers and fruits. Most tea brands would mash herbs and flowers into tiny shavings. Nilufer works with whole fruits and flowers. As a result, the flavours are not only preserved, they are magnified compared to any other tea. Plus, – and this is something really unique to Nilufer teas -, you get to see the delicate herbs, colourful flowers and sliced fruits when you drink the hot beverage. Beautiful to look at, and full of flavours. Isn’t it nice?

Oh and hey, another perk: “Made from luxurious ingredients like rose petals, hibiscus, ginger, lemongrass, spearmint, Setouchi lemons and more“, Nilufer herbs, fruits and flowers are harvested in organic farms in Japan and other countries, ensuring there is no toxic chemicals in the final products. So you actually know what you’re drinking. And it’s good for your health!

When Leah came to see me with her teas, I fell in love with the concept. I had not tasted her teas yet, however I was immediately attracted by the visual look of the teas. We worked on a selection of containers to display the teas at their best. Respecting the brand’s image – feminine, refined, healthy -, we chose to use materials such as brass and glass, and added touches of light pink to the whole setting (a pink lacquered tray + a bouquet of dried flowers crafted with love by Aude ;-).

Here is a picture from Nilufer’s IG account.

Long live Nilufer Teas!

More info where to buy Nilufer, check out their website.
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To illustrate this post and show you how beautiful the teas look, I have styled them once again.
Photo credit @Perfect-Imperfect/Stylodeco – All right reserved.