make your brand stand out from the crowd!

Launching a new business isn't something easy! There are so many things to think about and work on. Getting your business out there on the web is one of the biggest challenges you may have to undertake.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need a beautiful website to showcase your products and/or services, as well as stunning images and content.

In order to grow your sales, you'll need to grow your email list and create a strong relationship with your subscribers over time.

All this may sound unattainable. But it is NOT! I have been here when I launched my online shop and this blog.
So yes, you can make your own website. I can show you how to build your website with Squarespace, how to make it stand out, how to grow your email list and how to reach out to your audience with creative content.
Let me help you build you brand online!



You could be interested in one or more of the packages below depending on your needs. Please get in touch, tell me what you need, and I'll get back to you with an action plan and a quotation. 



Build your own website

Design a responsive website on Squarespace to tell people more about your brand and sell your products and/or services online. Even if you are a total beginner when it comes to website building, you will "look like an expert right from the start!" thanks to Squarespace's all-in-one platform.



Branded photography, Product styling

Styling your products will make them stand out. Let me find the right props to stage them - I know, it makes it easier when you are the owner of a shop full of stylish home decor accessories, right?!
Let 's have fun styling your products and making awesome pictures for your website and social media!



Grow your email list

The more subscribers you have, the more sales you'll make. Therefore growing your email list is a priority when you have an online business. How to attract new subscribers? Content is key, but there are 'hacks' you could use too. Let me show you how to grow your database with landing pages, opt-in forms, Facebook ads, and more.



Reach out to your audience

Sending out newsletters is the most effective way to reach out to your audience. With EDMs, you can share your tory, tell your audience more about yourself, your services and/or products, and encourage them to purchase. Mailchimp is a powerful tool when it comes to creating a strong relationship with your subscribers and building your brand image.


If you are unsure of your needs, feel free to drop me a short email here. Tell me about yourself and your business, what you are struggling with, and what are the fields you think you could work on.

Let's connect and see whether we can grow your business together!