Wall Décor | Time to Accumulate

To add a simple, personal touch to your interior, hanging pictures and paintings on the walls is the way to go. If a single frame or mirror just does not seem enough, read our tips below.



The trick behind having impressive wall deco in your household is to accumulate frames, pictures, paintings, mirrors, decorative accentshooks and the like on the very same wall. To put it simply, dress up an entire wall, corner of a room, a hallway or even a staircase with various wall decoration.

Although it seems simple enough, successful wall deco can be quite difficult to realise. You can easily get lost in it!

Here are some tips:

1- Select which wall decorations you are going to hang, paying a special attention to style and color. They need to be in harmony with the rest of the room.

2- Keeping in mind that frames look best when hung at eye level, decide the space in which to hang your first frames and consider the general shape you want to give to your wall grouping.

3- In order to fill the chosen delimited space, vary (within the wall grouping) the size of the individual parts of the composition. Place the largest in the centre and then complete your decorated wall with the smaller ones. I found some useful images on Pinterest that you can draw some inspiration from.

4- Colours: when it comes to an arrangement of frames, keep it simple! Stick to a reduced colour palette within a range of similar colour tones.

5- For something different, play on color symmetry: varying the colors symmetrically will bring a graphical touch to your wall.

6- Instead of frames, a great trick is to use stickers/ masking tape to design frames directly onto your wall. Once complete, you can fill these up with your photos or kids' drawings.

7- For mirror groupings, choose adhesive mirrors whenever possible. This allows you to make your mirror arrangements without making any holes in your wall. For a harmonious end result, opt for same-style mirrors if you're using mirrors of different sizes. Should you want to add a vintage spin on things, opt for mirrors with rounded shapes.

8- For slightly inclined wall decorations, vary the way you hang them. One option is to use different types of links (cord, ribbon, string, chain…) and/or different types of visible hooks. If you'd like to read more on hooks, check out one of my older posts here.

9- For an “industrial loft” effect, simply stack your frames collection directly on the floor, without using any hooks.

10- Lastly, another possibility is to create a “wall of inspiration", where you can hang pretty much everything you like! Just mix and match your wall decor. However, be careful if you choose to adopt this method of decorating. Even if your motto is “too much is never enough”, limit your wall of inspiration to one wall.

Source: La Maison d'Anna G
Source: La Maison d'Anna G
Source: Skonahem
Source: Skonahem