Mood Board | Klein's Ultramarine Blue

This shade of blue is also called International Klein Blue (IKB). It has been used on countless occasions — in home decor, apparel, accessories, and so on — but not many know the interesting story behind it.  The colour in question is International Klein Blue (IKB), created by French artist Yves Klein in the late 1900s.

While enjoying a peaceful holiday in Nice in 1956, Klein wanted to preserve the bright colour and powdery texture of the ultramarine pigment that was just too unstable on its own. He thus created a formula that produced a distinctive ultramarine colour, and registered International Klein Blue as a trademark colour in 1960.

This rich, radiant blue hints at spirituality; Klein’s use of the shade was about more than creating a painting. It was about creating an experience, allowing viewers of his art to lose themselves in the shimmering ultramarine.

While it is undeniably bright, incorporating this magnificent blue into your interior need not be overly bold. Opt for a feature wall in this colour for a splash of colour, or smaller items like crockery if you would like the addition of colour to be a bit more subtle. Tiles featuring IKB paired with more earthy, neutral colours are also a great choice.

Let yourself be encapsulated in and inspired by a sea of blue in Stylodeco's Shades of Blue Lookbook, featuring ultramarine tones amongst others.

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Mood Board featuring Klein's Ultramarine Blue
Mood Board featuring Klein's Ultramarine Blue