Spruce Up your Kids Room 1/3

Chinese New Year is the perfect time of the year to get started sprucing up your home! Apart from the traditional cleaning and tidying up of houses that comes with this festive season, seize the occasion and take the chance to give your kid's room a makeover.

Below are a few of my tips to help you revamp your kid's room without breaking the bank!

1. Associate wall painting with wall stickers

Opting for wall stickers or decals is a fun and inexpensive solution if you're looking to bring a touch of change to a kid's room. They come in different colours, sizes, shapes and themes. It’s really up to you to decide which stickers will best please your kids as well as suit your own style.

For example, should you want to avoid having flashy colours in your kid's room, you can opt for soft and pastel coloured paint and then customise your walls with stickers. With stickers and decals, it's also easy to replace them when your kids grow up and need something more appropriate for their age group. 

2. Add multiple hooks

Another nice idea to energise a kid's wall is to fix on multiple hooks. This is quite easy to do! Just add hooks of different shapes and colours onto your wall, and you can then use these to suspend pretty much everything (clothes, school bags, etc.).

For example, you can turn your kids' animal or Disney themed mask collections into elements of decoration by hanging them on the affixed hooks and knobs. For your teenager, this also works with baseball caps!

3. Display their little treasures and “works of art”

Kids love collecting tons of things… Which can sometimes be a bit of a burden for us parents, right? However, you can turn these collections into a charming decorative asset.  They can be hanged or positioned on a shelf, which gives the room an exquisite personalised effect! Rather than making piles with their drawings and other “works of art”, recycle these why don’t you recycle them into original wall décor? You can easily frame their works or hang them up. Should you go for the former, instead of frames, a great (and inexpensive) trick is to use masking tape to design frames directly onto your wall.

Here are a few inspiring visuals for you. Be sure to also follow my Kids board on Pinterest for more inspirations.