The Importance of Harmony at Home

When learning the basics of interior design, it is important to understand the differences between “size”, “space” and “proportion”. 

"Size” refers to the dimensions of something like a product or a wall, “space” refers to an area (a room) and “proportion” is the comparative relation between two or more objects.

Don't worry too much about these definitions -- all you need to remember for a harmonious interior is to respect a certain sense of proportionality, not only relative to the space but also between the objects themselves

I'm sure you would agree with me when I say that a Grand Piano would be absurd in a small room. The same reasoning is applied to the comparative relation existing in one room between different pieces of furniture, or between different home accessories sitting on the top of a chest of drawers.

When buying new pieces of furniture, it is a common mistake to not only buy them too big or too small compared to the size of the room, but also compared to the other existing pieces of furniture in the room. For example, placed in a same room, an oversized sofa and delicate side tables would be out of proportion.

Size matters, don’t you agree?

While learning the basic rules of interior design, do not forget to have fun! Keep in mind that your home should reflect your personal tastes and lifestyle; don't get too bogged down by technical definitions, and instead add a personal decorative touch along the way.

Here are a few pictures I found of spaces that have, to me, good proportions. What do you think?