Setting the Morning Right | Stylish Design Elements for Breakfast at Home

To be completely honest, we often don’t give much thought to breakfast. Whilst knowing it’s the most important meal of the day, that knowledge seems only to leave us with guilt at so often neglecting it. Breakfast should not and need not be another source of stress in our lives. Incorporating smart and stylish design elements to your breakfast tableware can help you enjoy breakfast again.

Naturally, our breakfast habits vary greatly. Whether you grab a cup of coffee and toast before rushing off to work or sit down and read the morning paper, there is no right way to do breakfast. The only wrong may be in ignoring the importance of this ritual, which allows us a chance each day to replenish and nourish ourselves.

Nutritious and satisfying food is only one part of the equation when solving “the breakfast problem.” Great design plays a vital role in making our first meal of the day a success.

The principle of “keeping it smart and simple” is especially apt when thinking about breakfast. Life gets complicated quick enough; our mornings at home should remain as relaxed as possible. At Stylodeco you will find high-quality Home Décor and Dining Ware to help create and customize the perfect breakfast experience for you and your family in the space and time you have.

Let me help you bring breakfast back home in style. Here are 5 simple, choice selections that will have you looking forward to your next morning meal: 1. Coffee will help get you up for the day but the Skagen String Mug by Broste will give you that extra push to help you look forward to the day ahead. The blue and white, Japanese-inspired design of these mugs set a relaxed and elegant tone that you can carry with you throughout the day.

2. For those who aren't coffee fanatics, sometimes that kick of caffeine from coffee is just too much so early in the morning. Instead, try a cup of tea, which is a wonderful way to gently rise and wake to your day ahead. Savour your morning cup in these elegant, hand-painted Cecile Mugs from Bloomingville, which come in a lovely set of 3.

3. During the week we often look for breakfast that is quick and easy. Muesli is a healthy, convenient option that is a staple in many of our kitchens. Why buy muesli, though, when it is so simple to make? This Marble Bowl (2 options: white or black) by Broste Copenhagen is perfect for dried fruit, grains and mixed nuts. Your next bowl of breakfast should be designed your way.

4. Understated and unique, these ceramic Midnight Blue Cups from Bloomingville come in a set of 3. Use them for your morning juice or for a small glass of water to cleanse your palette after finishing that healthy spinach and egg-white omelet.

5. Smoothies have escaped the bottle and found a better home in bowls. Whether for snack or meal, your favorite breakfast smoothie recipe will look great in the Sandrine Bowl by Bloomingville.

By K. S. Spatola