Moving In: 6 Essentials to Create your Very Own Place

When you finally have the time to unpack into your new home, you'll realise that the apartment you are in doesn't quite feel like home yet. Don’t panic, and instead embrace this empty space as an opportunity to express your creativity and personality!

Whilst trying to figure out how to feel at home, you might consider flipping through various catalogs for inspiration from there -- when actually all you need to style your new home is to remember that little things make a big difference. Express yourself through your space, and who knows? You might become an inspiration to others.

Let’s take a the first step into your new place -- the living room.
This space takes on several functions. It is where you entertain your guests, gather your family and friends, relax or even work. Hence, it is important to set up a welcoming atmosphere.

1- Cushions are the perfect accessories. Arranged on your sofa, choose comfy, soft and neutral shades with a distinct touch.

2- For an exciting look, never underestimate the power of dramatic lighting: you can place a gorgeous bamboo pendant overhead lamp as the centrepiece of your living room.

3- Next up is the master bedroom. It is always tough deciding on linen. Whilst many generally believe that white linens don’t have any personality and choose to avoid them, they actually are an interesting choice and easier to accessorize - so maybe give that a try in your new space. For something slightly bolder, feel free to play with print or bold patterns, pairing them according to your mood.

4- Bedside table lamps can be quite ordinary, so if you want to mix in something a bit more modern, I would recommend this beauty.

5- It is often said that the kitchen is the most important room in a house, but don't worry if your cooking skills are limited, you can still make the room itself both stylish and functional. Select a variety of plates, bowls and cups, and mix up your dinner tableware once in a while.

6- Finally, as laughter is always the best medicine and new homes should always be full of it, here are some mighty art pieces to brighten up your days!

Welcome to your Home Sweet Home!

By Celine Manoukian