Mood Board, Timeless Soft Grey

The cool, neutral grey color is synonymous with modernity and feminine timeless sophistication. Mix soft greys at home with pastel shades: nude, light blue or mint green to bring comfort, softness and calm. Add brass or silver accents for brightness and vibrancy.

There’s a very interesting trend that’s been popping up these last years: dying your hair in grey/silver. Many say that it gives women a “serious” and “edgy” look. If, like me, you are not too keen on making your hair turn grey so early on, you can instead try adding touches of light grey here and there at home.

Soft grey brings modernity, comfort and softness to living spaces. There are so many ways to play with greys at home: a wall in a room, cabinets in a kitchen, marble and/or concrete tiles/sinks in a bathroom, ... You can also style your home with grey bed linens and/or decorative accents...

To complement soft greys, mix them with pastel colors such as nude pink, light blue or mint green. And add touches of sparkling silver or brass to get that final note of vibrancy.