Spring 2017 Mood Board - Pantone Niagara

This month I will be blogging about the colour blue and its various shades for the home. Let’s start with Niagara, one of Pantone’s top 10 colours for Spring 2017, a classic denim-like blue. 

The colour blue is synonymous with calmness and harmony (Check out my blog post on “Colours at home: meaning + tips”). According to Pantone, Niagara is “comfortable and dependable. […] a classic denim-like blue that speaks to our desire for ease and relaxation”. Think about your pair of jeans in your closet. They are the perfect example of what Niagara is. It is the blue pair of jeans you wear when you want to feel at ease, relaxed, and confident.

Blue is one of my favourite colours. I find it an easy colour to mix and match with earthy colours such as cream, beige, taupe and grey, but also with bright colours such as yellow, pink, orange and red. Plus it has so many shades and variations from icy blue to turquoise and dark navy blue that possibilities are endless.

Unlike black, blue is a warm colour. Try a black seat and a navy seat. Which one is the most welcoming, comfortable to you? Don’t get me wrong, I like very much black. But black is not as cosy and inviting as blue is. In its darkest shades, blue is also an amazingly elegant and sophisticated colour. I will be sharing more about midnight blue with you in the coming days. Stay Tuned!

mood board niagara blue
mood board niagara blue

In the meantime, have a look at the mood board below, and hit reply if you like this shade of Niagara blue.