Mediterranean Table Settings | Rustic Sophistication

The Mediterranean is not just a region in Europe; it is an entire ethos on food, family, culture, design and life. The Mediterranean ‘method’ combines the best elements of the region’s diverse cultures and customs to create a rich and inviting sensibility.

No matter where you live you can easily incorporate facets of Mediterranean style into your home. One of the best ways to bring the Mediterranean home is by ‘setting the table’ and combining the best of Mediterranean cuisine with stylish home décor.

As the weather continues to get warmer and warmer now is the ideal time to embrace the al fresco method of dining and entertaining. The rustic and understated approach of Mediterranean dining is all about ease and elegance. Incorporating a few key design elements will make dining at home an experience to savour. With Bloomingville’s Sandrine Dining Collection setting the perfect Mediterranean table has never been easier. The beautiful and rustic charm of the Mediterranean is enhanced by Bloomingville’s distinct, minimalistic and refined design.

At Stylodeco we offer a range of items from Bloomingville’s Sandrine collection. Each object in this collection is handcrafted and designed with unmatched sophistication that will highlight not just your food but also your exceptional taste. No matter the occasion Bloomingville’s ceramic tableware set will make an impression with its quality craftsmanship and unique style. From gorgeously rustic bowls and mugs, dinner and dessert plates to serving bowls and Trays we have everything you need to set your table in style.

Add a touch of the Mediterranean Sea to your table with this gorgeous Blue Serving Platter by Bloomingville. The plate’s sophisticated design and sumptuous blue hue is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and is, quite simply, stunning. It is the perfect plate to display grilled vegetables, meats or seafood.

Traditional Mediterranean food is not only healthy and delicious but the essential ingredients of its cuisine are also a visual treat. From fresh fruits and vegetables to protein-rich legumes, herbs, spices and seafood; this is ‘simple’ food that is rich in colour, texture and taste.

Look into the ‘heart’ of the Mediterranean and you may well find olive oil and vinegar coursing through its every vein, valve and chamber. They are two of the region’s most recognised, treasured and widely used exports. No Mediterranean table setting is complete without a pair of high-quality olive oil and vinegar at its centre.

At Stylodeco we are proud to offer Chef Nicholas Vahé’s exclusive line of Olive Oil and Vinegar. Whether you are making appetizers, enjoying a main course or indulging in a luscious desert your Mediterranean meal will surely call for a flavourful dash of olive oil and vinegar.

Serve your next cup of Mediterranean-inspired tea in style with Bloomingville’s Barbara Teapot and Mugs. These gorgeous handmade teapots and mugs are part of Bloomingville’s earthy stoneware collection. The minimalistic aesthetic highlights the timeless beauty and elegance associated with the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean’s unique geography and climate make it without question home to the finest wine regions in the world. From France and Italy to Spain, Greece and, even Croatia the variety and quality of wine from this region are simply incomparable.

Although wine is most often associated with the Mediterranean way of life it is not the only drink on the table (so to speak). Coffee and tea have a long and important history in the Mediterranean region. Actually, the social and artistic culture associated with coffeehouses dates back to 14th century Turkey. In Mediterranean countries coffee and tea are enjoyed and savoured any time of the day.

While coffee is most often associated with the Mediterranean region if you have ever visited Turkey, Morocco or Tunisia you know that tea is not simply another drink. It is an essential element of daily life and a symbol of friendship, hospitality and tradition. Tea, especially mint tea, is the perfect way to start a conversation, end a meal or relax after a full day.

By K.S. Spatola