Hooks | Hang it All!

Instead of letting your clothes end up in a messy pile on the floor, a simple and affordable way to pimp your entrance is to equip it with a designer coat rack or a stylish set of hooks. Do note that if your entrance is narrow, it is highly advisable to opt for the latter. Another idea consists in changing the door handles (or door knobs) of your entrance wardrobe or the handles of your old Ikea chest of drawers.

These hooks and handles are part of the “little essentials” of interior decoration: they are not only practical, but also home décor accessories in themselves and can really completely change the look and feel of a piece of furniture or a wall. Hooks can also be useful to hang your necklaces for instance.

When entering your home, these interesting hooks might very well be one of the first things your guests will see… It's definitely a nice way to surprise them upon arrival in your home.

Now, you know what to do this week end! :-)