Honey, It's on the Console Table!

Console tables and side tables have been around for a long time and have become permanent accessories in many homes. I would definitely classify them as “classic must-haves”. They have recently been re-invented for the better: they now come in much more minimalistic designs, and are almost “aerial”. Noticeably they tend to have thin legs and tops.


To try and cater to all people, they also exist in different shapes and materials. For a “modern touch”, go for the thinner designs that are usually made of iron. If you don't have a lot of space for a large coffee table, they also make a very good choice as they are visually more “aerial” and physically occupy less floor space. These pieces of furniture also come with a secret “plus”: they are really helpful when it comes to organising your everyday life objects. With a handy console table, you won't misplace your small trinkets and end up panicking trying to find them. What better place for a storage tray than on your entrance console table?

Honey, stop searching, it’s on the console table!