Enhance your Style Glossary with High-Shine Home Décor

When you hear the word ‘lacquer’, what comes to mind? Blinding brightness? Eye-watering shine? It may not be the most appealing word in the design lexicon but lacquer is a valuable tool when styling your home. Thankfully, today’s designers are approaching lacquer and high-shine finishes in a more sophisticated, subtle manner. The result is home décor that radiates an unmistakable elegance and style.

If you are looking to add some shine to your home consider incorporating lacquered tables and glossy decorative accents: it is a great way to create a high impact space with minimal effort.


Whether next to your bed or right by the sofa – side tables are naturally helpful. They hold the lamps, glasses, books, vases and assorted objects we collect. We ask a lot from these small tables and sometimes overlook style in favour of function.

The Freja Side Table from Broste Copenhagen is ideal for any living space. Its heavy iron frame provides a stable base for this simple and stylish fixture. Also, the table’s nesting design is perfect so you can use the tables or elegantly store them away as needed. With its singular style this versatile table is a true showcase.

Another popular design technique would be to feature a lacquered coffee table in a clean-lined space. Broste Copenhagen’s Jevla Side Table will be an immediate point of interest in any room. This distinctive Danish design, which blends vintage and modern features, is available in both Taupe and Smoked Pearl.

If you want to consider adding more shine to your home décor, you can explore lacquered decorative accents. They are an easy way to highlight and enhance any living space. A well-placed ceramic pot, like the Crackle Vase by Broste Copenhagen, will add polish, interest and depth to any room.

The Rainbow Jenny Box by Broste Copenhagen is truly exquisite. This decorative container, made of antique brass mat, blends traditions of both Japanese and Nordic design into an object of singular beauty. Whether resting on your nightstand or sitting on your mantlepiece the Jenny Box will store your small objects in style

Finally, while it’s fair to say that candle plates do not occupy a great deal of our thinking, they should not be overlooked. Their practical nature often translates into boring, functional items without distinction. One look, though, at the Sara line by Broste Copenhagen will have you re-considering what a candle plate should be. With its smooth lines and elegant finishing these candle plates are objects to treasure. Stylodeco offers them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Let your home shine with an unmistakable style! By K. S. Spatola