DIY Printable Gift Tags 'Geometry'

Tags are just perfect to personalise gift wrappings. Whether birthday gifts or occasional gifts, I think it always looks nicer when a personalised gift tag is attached to the present. Let me show you how you can nicely personnalise your gift wrapping using my printable gift tags "geometry".

Show the person you are making a present how much you care about her/him. Personnalise your gift wrapping with black and white modern, minimalist and stylish gift notes with geometric shapes (crosses and triangles). Have a look at the pictures below. I styled the gift tags with pastel ribbons (pastel pink, green and blue) to add a colourful note to the gift wrapping.  I hope these pictures inspire you. You can download the set of 4 gift tags for free at the bottom of this post.

Note. You are free to share these pictures if you mention the copyright: Thanks! :-)