Design Ideas for your Child's Bedroom - Part 2/2

Creating a child’s nursery can be indeed one of the more challenging tasks when designing your home. We have listed below some design ideas we hope will inspire you to create a child’s nursery that is memorable, engaging, fashionable and fun.

This article is the 2nd part of a child's bedroom style guide; you can read the first blog post on how to choose high-quality decorative objects that are well designed, understated and stylish to prevent ‘overstuffing’ your child’s room here. Storage can be a never-ending struggle for parents. Luckily, you no longer need to sacrifice style in your efforts to maintain a clean and clutter-free living space for your family. Many of today’s leading designers offer clever, chic and convenient storage options that are sure to exceed your expectations.

La Cerise sur le Gâteau’s Cotton Basket Collection is everything you need to stay organised and fashionable. Showers of bright polka dots and Liberty prints will add a fun and colourful touch to your child’s nursery. These linen baskets are a perfect place to stash your child’s clothes and shoes. They are also an ideal way to gather up all the toys, games and electronic devices that can accumulate in a child’s room.

Le Cerise’s Baskets are made of two 100% cotton covers. The outside cover is silk-screened with polka dots while the inside cover highlights the raw and natural beauty of linen. These covers can be easily washed alongside your child’s laundry.

Every child needs a place to sit down to read, write or think in peace. Let your child sit in style with this Vintage Wicker Chair from Fresh and Vintage. Being just 52 centimetres tall, this chair is specifically made for smaller children. The classic look of wicker is enriched by Fresh and Vintage’s unique and modern design. Your little one is sure to appreciate the size and comfort of this distinctive chair.

Fresh and Vintage’s Daybed for children is a showcase of vintage sophistication. Originally designed in the 1930s, this chic daybed was only available until the 1950s. This timeless daybed is now back and exclusively handcrafted by Fresh and Vintage in France. The bed’s untreated frame is made of solid beech wood and highlights the beauty and strength of its natural materials.

The bed’s mattress is custom made, trimmed with organic hemp wool and a white cotton sub-cover. The cover is made in France with fabric from Tensira, the renowned fabric and textile label. The mattress cover is soft, gentle to the touch and exceptionally pleasing to the eye with its calm blue and black striped print. Fresh and Vintage’s daybed is ideal for creating a designated space for your child to read, rest and relax. It is also a perfect guest bed for when your children’s friends sleep over.

Bloomingville’s Light Grey Star Rug is a lovely finishing touch for your child’s nursery. This pale grey rug has a single darker star design and fringed ends that will infuse your child’s room with comfort and style. Made of 100% cotton, this is also the perfect rug for a child’s nursery as it is machine washable and dries quickly -- handy for if your kids have any spillages on it!

Children grow up so quickly and their preferences change just as fast, so it is important to create a space that is open and will evolve over time. Your child is unique and dynamic; their room should be a reflection of this. Choose a sophisticated design that embraces vintage and modern styles to make your child’s room a wonderful space to grow, learn and discover.

By K. S. Spatola