Design Ideas for your Child's Bedroom - Part 1/2

Creating a child’s nursery can be one of the more challenging tasks when designing your home. Parents want their child’s room to be as creative, functional and stylish as possible. The idea of designing your child’s nursery or bedroom might initially seem overwhelming; but rest assured that the rewards from creating a living space as unique as your child will endure for years on end.

Here are some design ideas we hope will inspire you to create a child’s nursery that is memorable, engaging, fashionable and fun, for both you and your kids. Children’s nurseries are spaces rarely bereft of decorative accents. To prevent ‘overstuffing’ your child’s room, it is important to be selective and choose high-quality decorative objects that are well designed, understated and stylish.

The Angel Wings Cushion (1) by Pom Pom & Puffin is a beautiful and graceful addition to your child’s nursery. This elegant cushion will make your baby feel calm and protected. The angel wings extended to wrap around and hold your child’s favourite stuffed animal. Made of 100% cotton cambric, the Angel Wings Cushion is exceptionally light and soft. Don’t be surprised when your little angel cuddles up with this cushion during story time.

An easy way to add interest and texture to your child’s room is with House Doctor’sPaper Ornaments (2). These minimalist decorations are perfect for creating a smart and effortless look that complements any design style. These Paper Ornaments, which are available in soft grey and dust pink, can easily be hung from the ceiling or simply displayed atop a wardrobe or bookcase.

For an adorable addition to your child’s nursery, have a look at these whimsical Cloud Mobiles (3) from Montréal-based design firm, The Butter Flying. Each of these mobiles are individually made and handcrafted by the designer. Made of felt and featuring bright colours, these Cloud Mobiles add instant cheer and imagination to your child’s room. Our webshop currently offers a range of Cloud Mobiles from The Butter Flying -- check it out and choose your favourite!

Baby mobiles are an essential feature of any nursery as they not only contribute to the design element of the room, but provide visual stimulation and promote brain development in young infants too. They are also incredible design objects that can distinguish any living space with style and sophistication. House Doctor’s Geo Black Mobile (4) is modern, minimalistic and incredibly captivating.

Children are natural collectors so it is essential to create a living space that helps them stay organised with minimal effort. HK Living’s X-Hooks and Button Hooks (5) are easy and stylish solutions that will help keep clothes from piling up on your child’s floor. These eclectic hooks are great for hanging up scarves, coats or rucksacks. Made from mango wood, the hooks come in a variety of colours and sizes. Mix and match to create a wall decoration that is both functional and visually appealing.

By K.S. Spatola