Colours at Home | Meaning and Tips

What colour should you choose for your home? Below are some colour meanings and tips to help as you design your interior. 

To me, colour is incredibly subjective. It is so personal - you might like one colour whilst I prefer another. The sensation or feeling marked by a colour will also vary from one person to another, and from one culture to another. For some people, one colour might mean happiness, but might mean sophistication to another.

Although colour is subjective, here are some meanings that are generally associated with the following colours:

  • Red: love, passion, anger, hate
  • Pink: love, tenderness, femininity
  • Orange: energy, vitality, confidence, laughter, celebration
  • Yellow: happiness, hope, birth, deception
  • Green: birth, abundance, nature, health
  • Blue: calm, efficiency, confidence, peace and harmony
  • Purple: creativity, health, compassion
  • Black: mystery, elegance, powerful
  • Grey: sadness, modernity
  • White: morality, cleanliness, purity
  • Brown: nature, reliability
  • Beige: conservatism, sophistication
  • Cream/ivory: calm, elegance

Colour associations

Everyone has different tastes, but take note not to include colours that might clash with your overall colour theme just because someone likes it. Be careful when choosing your colours, and be sure to create nice associations of them. Don't try to use too many colours at once: maybe start first with two. If you would like to add a third colour, make sure it is of the same tone as the other two, but with a different intensity. You could get bored of a room easily if there are too many colours present.

Use your creative flair in spaces such as the entrance, a corridor, the bathroom, etc. Don't be shy to play with bright or dark colours, patterns and flowers. Get creative, whilst still ensuring your colours complement each other.

One of my friends covered the walls of her entrance with a Galuchat vinyl wallpaper and I must admit it looks really unique and absolutely great! Let your creative juices flow and create a space you and your guests will fall in love with.