Bring Brass Back into your Home Décor

Brass is back! After an extended exile from the world of stylish home décor, brass has resurfaced as an essential feature of modern home design. It’s tempting to view this as a trend but brass has always been an important element in interior design.

Unlike the high-lacquered, too-bright brass of the late 20th century, today’s brass is more nuanced and sophisticated. Today’s leading interior designers are concerned with incorporating metal finishes as a distinct element in modern, minimalist décor.

Brass, with its naturally unique patina, easily complements a wide range of design styles. Blending brass into clean and distinctive modern décor adds interest, warmth and refinement to any home.

The secret to incorporating brass in your home design is to keep it simple. Our favourite brass elements complement and enhance rather than overwhelm. Brass design elements are an ideal way to add timeless elegance, style and glamour to any living space.

Here are some contemporary brass designs that you can add to your home: Brass decorations are a simple and versatile way to add style and create interest in your home. This geometric Brass House (1) by Bloomingville is a minimalistic treasure. Add a touch of charm to your office bookshelf, your child’s bedroom or your living room mantle with this sophisticated accessory.

The Rainbow Jenny Box (2) by Broste Copenhagen highlights the innate elegance of brass. Made of antique brass this decorative case blends Japanese and Nordic design traditions into a modern object of remarkable beauty. Place it with pride on your mantelpiece or rest it on the nightstand next to your bed. The Jenny Box is a stunning design treasure.

Add a polished piece to your favourite table with this Sara Candle Plate (3) by Broste Copenhagen. An elegant brass trim highlights the understated beauty of this iron-made plate. With its smooth lines and metallic finishing, this candle plate is a star on its own. I have a large collection of candle plates and holders in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours on my e-boutique to help you set the perfect mood.

Rediscover the coffee table with this beautiful JELVA Side Table (4) by Danish design firm Broste Copenhagen. Vintage meets modern in this distinctive Danish design. The coffee table adds shape to your space and attracts the eye without demanding attention. The brass material is a wonderful finishing touch and adds elegance to this casual piece.

Brass as an element in lighting fixtures is so common it is virtually ignored. It would be difficult, however, to overlook this stunning glass Globe Lamp (5) from House Doctor. This table lamp is not merely a convenient source of light; it is a distinctive piece of art. A large glass shade emphasizes the oversized interior bulb. The lamp sits on a small brass stand, which makes it perfect for setting on your favourite desk or table.

Another exceptional lamp not to be missed is Hübsch’s Marble and Brass Table Lamp, (6) which takes industrial chic to a higher, more sophisticated level. The lamp’s exposed light bulb is set in white marble and solid brass. This combination of modern and classic elements is truly distinct. Whether you choose to place this statement piece on your desk, side table or bookshelf, this lamp is sure to help spark your creative style.

Finally, don’t overlook your kitchen when livening up your interior with hints of brass. Incorporating brass design in your kitchen is simple with carefully selected objects of style and function. Take a look at House Doctor’s Marble Cutting Board, (7) which is subtle yet elegantly expressive. Traditional white marble is made distinct with a modern brass geometric design that is inlaid into the board. This is an effortless and sophisticated way to serve your favourite hors d'oeuvre, cheeses, or fruits. Even when not in use this cutting board will make your kitchen stand out with its refined design.

By K.S. Spatola