Boho Chic Interiors: Key Decorating Elements and Mood Board

Excited to announce this Month’s theme on the blog is Boho Chic Interiors, a very trendy style at the moment when it comes to interior decorating. How to achieve it? Here is a mood board to start with.

Boho Chic is one of the biggest design trends at the moment. Inspired from the 70’s with hippie influences from Morocco, the Americas and some tropical destinations by the Ocean, this style usually encompasses decorative elements such as:

  • bright colours -but also blacks and whites-
  • thick textured fabrics and lace
  • unique and intriguing decorative accents evoking faraway exotic travels
  • tropical cactus and succulents, as well as flower patterns
  • bamboo accents

What I like about the boho chic style is that the shapes and materials are imperfectly finished. It’s all about celebrating natural raw materials and imperfect shapes. It dramatically helps to get that perfect imperfect look and feel at home.

Styling your home the boho chic way does not mean you have to change all your furniture and get rid of your Scandinavian decorative accents though. You simply need to add a few touches here and there: a Persian rug, a bamboo lampshade, a shell necklace, a cactus in a concrete pot and a few Balinese statues for examples. These will suffice in giving your living space that boho chic look and feel.

Here are a few examples of home accents you could use to style your interior space the boho chic way:

  • yarn wall hangings
  • colourful rugs with South-American, Moroccan or Persian-inspired patterns
  • textured cushions and throws with pompoms
  • skull candles
  • shell necklaces
  • decorative accents with feathers
  • sea urchins and starfishes
  • prints featuring palm trees and fine-art black and white photography
  • wallpaper with flowers
  • crochet hammock
  • bamboo lampshades, baskets and furniture such as a peacock chair or petrified wood tables

You can check out STYLODECO’s March Lookbook for more inspiration here.

Along the month of March, I will share more inspiration and introduce you to two brands I particularly like when it comes to boho chic interiors: Love Warriors and Tine K Home. But first, let’s start with a mood board.

boho chic interiors mood board
boho chic interiors mood board