New Trend | 100% Stone Washed Linen

Often set aside for its high tendency to crease, linen has come back in trend as a home textile in recent years. Durable, timeless, anti-allergic and available in many different colours -- read on and I'm sure you'll love linen as much as I do.

Considered as one of the oldest fabrics in the world, linen was slowly abandoned because of its poor reputation: hard to maintain, needed to be ironed, etc. Since then, linen has evolved and gained traction. Linen has become more and more popular thanks to many advantages and new finishes (such as stone washed linen).

Linen, a responsible and sustainable fabric
Linen is a natural fibre whose cultivation does not require both fertilisers and irrigation (rainfall is sufficient). Every single element of the plant is used for different purposes including the production of paper, so there is no residual waste in its production. Linen is therefore much more environment-friendly than other textile fibres: a significant aspect to bear in mind nowadays!

Linen has many assets
Linen is a natural thermal regulator: breathable in summer and insulating during winter. It is also anti-allergic and anti-bacterial, and is not likely to cause skin irritation. Linen is also durable and does not pill, and it can be easily dyed. These colours hold really well over time.

Stone washed linen: the new trend
The more you wash linen, the softer it gets. As such, brands have developed ‘stone washed linen’, which has a softer finish than linen thanks to repeated washing at high temperature. What I personally love about stone washed linen? Its aged and lightly wrinkled look. No ironing needed: this is precisely the reason why stone washed linens are so lovely!

Below is a selection of linens I've curated for your perusing pleasure. Enjoy!

1- Duvet Cover + Pillowcase Set, 100% Linen, 3 sizes, Casablancka
Cushion Cover, Linen and Cotton, Casablancka
Waffle Bath Towels, 100% Linen, White/Grey Granite/Linen/Yellow/Prussian Blue
Duvet Cover, 100% stone washed linen, White/Navy
5Cushion, Linen and Cotton, La Cerise sur le Gâteau
6- Cushion, Indigo, Linen and Cotton,
7- Pillowcases, 100% Stone washed linen, Navy/Ashes of rose