A Treat by Pastry Chef Florian Kraemer

For his second collaboration with me, Executive Pastry Chef, Florian Kraemer, has chosen to showcase his creations in the blue grey stoneware dessert plate from House Doctor and plate his second dessert on a light pink dessert plate from Bloomingville.

Helming the pastry kitchen at restaurant Sky on 57 in the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Chef Florian loves to play with colours, textures and flavour combinations. Always product-driven, he believes his role is to extract and balance tastes to offer a beautiful and genuine pastry experience.

"Citrus Heaven" In Citrus Heaven, Chef Florian showcases his love for various kinds of citruses. He harmoniously crafts together marinated grapefruit, mandarin sorbet, orange mousse and caviaroli with a lime sponge cake. Colours of green, yellow and orange adorn the dessert plate of blue and grey shades. The bright colours of the dish delicately light up the plate.


"Chocolate subtleties" For this creation, it is all about chocolate. Dark, milk and white, gracefully presented, the star is high-quality cocoa. The hearty chocolate pecan brownie is combined with a chocolate crème brûlée and crispy feuilletine discs. The intense taste of chocolate is contrasted with the parfait and raspberry sorbet. The exquisite lightness is represented by the white chocolate feather on top. For this heavenly dessert, a pale pink hue from Bloomingville is the perfect fit.


You too can create such stunning dishes in your very own home. Putting gorgeous tableware out for dinner will contribute to the enjoyment of your everyday meal and will also delight you and your loved ones. It's amazing how a small detail like this can produce such a surprisingly profound effect!

Read more about Chef Florian's first collaboration with Stylodeco here. In November 2014, the pastry Chef crafted two fabulous desserts for me: "Foresta Nera" and "Coconut Cotton". Click on the link to find out more!