8 Marble Decorative Accents for Your Interior

Marble has been kept out of the limelight for a long time because of its associated coldness. But recently, the timeless material has made its return to many homes.

Marble is an elegant and timeless material, allowing home owners to create different styles, for both luxury interiors and contemporary settings. Resistant and impermeable, marble can be used to decorate various rooms of the house - from floors to walls, to stairs and countertops.

It can also be combined with natural materials such as wood, metal or copper. For our perusing pleasure, designers have turned their attention back to marble, reinventing everyday objects like lamps, candle holders, and cutting boards. Below is my selection of 8 decorative accents that are made with marble.


1- Showcase, Marble, H.33cm by House Doctor. 
Display your favourite objects under a glass dome. The marble base makes the whole showcase very elegant.

2- Decorative Jar made of copper with a marble lid. This elegant jar can be displayed in a variety of places – from your kitchen, to your living room on a side table, a console, or a bookshelf.

3- Serve spices or pestos with elegance, in one of our marble bowls.

4- Display appetisers or cheeses on a marble cutting board by House Doctor.

5- Use this cute marble decorative house by Bloomingville as a stylish paperweight.

6- Add something different to your dining table with a Marble candlestick by Bloomingville.

7- This small table lamp will look good on any night stand, console or desk: Table lamp, marble/brass

8- Add a classic decorative touch to your desk, mantlepiece or side table with these elegant Marble Balls by Broste to decorate your interior.