8 Gifts below $100 for New Home Owners


If you know someone who recently moved, or is about to move into a new home, you might be invited to their house-warming party. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to show up empty-handed! Here's a little help if you find yourself at a loss when gift hunting for the perfect house warming present.

Searching for the perfect gift for an occasion such as this can often turn into a real hassle. As everyone has different tastes, the present you have put so much effort into choosing might end up stored in a closet or sit on a shelf, picking up dust. However, there are some unique gifts that can save you tons of time (and money), and please the new home owners at the same time.

Keep reading to discover my selection below.

1- DECORATIVE CEMENT TILE ($96): The perfect addition to your friends’ wall decoration! “Les Glaçés” are unique cement tiles meant to be hung on a wall, and handmade by French designer MARYLENE TORTORA. On each “Glaçé”, Marylène has engraved an iconic piece of furniture from renowned designers. One can now own and collect legendary design, as well as create its own wall decor.

2- STORAGE POD ($39): This CHERRY BLOSSOM CLOUD Storage Pod by Papatotorohas just the perfect size for bathrooms, nurseries, knitting, craft storage and stationary. It can be used in every room of the house: the living room, hallway, kid's room, bathroom, balcony and so on... It’s incredibly useful for storing magazines, toys, throws and even plants. This is a definite must-have!

3- MUGS ($9): A must-have for this season, these new “Skagen String” mugs have Japanese-influenced blue patterns. Mugs are a simple present that are useful and sure to please new home owners.

4- PAIR OF 2 TEA-LIGHTS ($35): These 2 t-light h olders with their lovely grey and mint green colors will be perfect to decorate your recipient's dining table and create a romantic atmosphere.

5- VASE THEO ($58): This aluminium vase with brass finish is bold, refined and modern. Distinct enough to stand on its own or add some flowers for a splash of interest. Flowers bring life and colours in any living space.

6- FEATHER TRAYS ($78): Always strive for the perfect finish. These feathers made of ceramic are ideal to decorate a console or a coffee table with style. It is my strong belief that every home needs a delicate touch of copper.

7- WOODEN CUTTING BOARD ($78): An XL board to do the cutting of raw vegetables, bread, chorizo and many other culinary delights... Bring the cutting board to the guests table: warm acacia wood makes serving a rustic experience - and your culinary creations look their best.

8- STRING LIGHTS($98): Light up the Night. With Singapore's constant warm wheather, we are used to spend most of our evening time outside. Use House Doctor's delicate string lights to light up your outdoor space. They create a cosy, magical and festive atmosphere that is perfect or big parties and small gatherings with good friends.

Offering effortlessly chic home décor accessories does make a great and quite personal gift. Besides, it will show your creative spirit and your care for the recipient. Take the bet, and your present could be the hit of the party!