Bloomingville Simple Yet Stunning Glass Vases

Vases are one of the most versatile and important design accents in your home. Far from being an unassuming vessel that only displays flower arrangements, vases can be incredible design objects unto themselves.

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The best vases are not only functional but also enhance the aesthetic value of surrounding décor and interior spaces. The vases we cherish most are worthy of display with or without blossoms or botanicals. Stylodeco  offers a range of modern vases that will complement and enrich your home design.

We are especially pleased to carry Bloomingville products in our store. This celebrated Danish design brand consistently creates stylish modern vases that are distinct and beautiful. If you are looking to add a few key accents to freshen up your home’s design look no further than Bloomingville’s glass vase series.

The Textured Clear Glass Vase  by Bloomingville typifies everything we love about Scandinavian design. With its clean lines and vintage-inspired texture, this glass vase bridges the divide between modern design and traditional artisanship.

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Bloomingville’s Engraved Glass Vase is understated elegance at its finest. The subtle engraving detail adds interest to this modern spherical shaped vase. Whether it graces your dining room table or serves as a stylish accent atop a mantle, this vase is a perfect match for any home décor.

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Pair these two Bloomingville vases together to create an interesting focal point in your dining room, study or bedroom. Their varying size and texture will add depth and contrast to any type of shelving or mantle space. Placed on a side table or desk these two vases help accentuate smaller decorative accents.

Simple yet stunning these beautiful glass vases by Bloomingville will be standout features in your home for years to come.

Written By: K.S. Spatola