Essential | Skull Candle by Love Warrior

Candles are such an underrated element of home décor. In fact, it is difficult to think of another household item that serves as many different purposes as a candle. Candles are practical objects used for simple and convenient lighting. They are also an artful home décor accessory that can add subtlety and elegance to a space. And let us not forget that candles are an essential component in many of life’s most cherished ceremonies and celebrations.


It’s time we abandon our out-dated notions of a candle’s place and purpose in our home and elevate it to a status more deserving of its resourceful power. This incredible White Skull Candle by Love Warriors of Sweden is a fantastic way to make a style statement that will add strength, purpose and distinction to your home.

In some cultures a White Skull Candle is burned to bring about clarity, protect against negative thinking and bring a sense of tranquillity to your mind. The white candle specifically is meant to represent truth, unity and wholeness of spirit. Whilst we cannot guarantee total home serenity we are confident you will love this stylish bohemian-inspired treasure. 

This massive, handcrafted candle is made of a natural palm wax blend that is derived from sustainable kernel oil, which provides a cleaner and longer burn time. Additionally, this candle has 100% lead-free wicking. The White Skull Candle is placed in a stylish Love Warriors printed linen gift box, which is perfect for storing all of your assorted collectibles.

Far from being ordinary, candles are a formidable element to consider when designing nearly every room in your home. We all know that lighting plays a critical role in determining the overall look and feel of a space. Adding the White Skull Candle by Love Warriors to your décor is a simple way to instantly create a stylish atmosphere that is distinct and bold. 

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Written By: K.S. Spatola