Marble has a formidable history and a reputation that tends toward the stately and majestic. It is a bold and awe-inspiring element of nature. Its use in art, architecture and design dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian cultures. Marble is a natural resource that is inherently strong and distinctly alluring. However, as a style element of home design, marble is often featured in grand and ornate design schemes that overwhelm and depersonalise a space.

Thankfully, many of today’s top designers have moved away from the more opulent traditions of marble and are utilising this incredible stone in subtly innovative décor that is unique, contemporary and refined. Marble has an unmatched natural value and versatility that make it perfect for modern and well-appointed interiors.

When decorating with marble, less is definitely more. There is no need to remodel your entire house to evoke the timeless sophistication of marble. Begin by choosing a space, such as the kitchen, where marble is easily complementary. Incorporating marble design in your kitchen is simple with well-chosen objects that combine function with style.


Bring a taste of Scandinavian chic to your dining table with this Marble tray by Broste Copenhagen. This stylish serving tray features classic marble veining, which elevates this table essential from merely functional to truly fashionable.

Broste Copenhagen’s Marble Bowl with Wooden Spoon is a perfect addition to your dining collection. The bowl’s natural white marble adds subtlety and refinement to this everyday object. It is perfect for condiments, seeds, mixed nuts or dried fruit, and the wooden spoon makes it convenient to dish out snacks or sprinkle some added taste to your favourite foods.

The key to incorporating marble décor into your home design is to be selective and apply it in small doses. Think decorative accents, statement pieces and understated functional objects that intrigue your senses and will add a light, elegant touch to your living space.

House Doctor’s refined glass and marble Showcase will definitely impress. This beautiful display case is handmade of glass and iron, and is set on a white marble base. Exhibit your favourite treasures in style and distinction with this sleek, minimalist Showcase.

Add a striking decorative touch to your bookshelf, desk or side table with Broste Copenhagen’s Deco Marble Balls. These ornamental objects have a smooth and stunning marble surface and come in elegant white and a stunning dark grey. Stylodeco offers the Deco Balls in different sizes so you can mix and match the two to create the perfect look.

This Marble and Brass Table Lamp by Hübsch has elevated industrial chic to a more sophisticated level. This is an exceptional design piece that is not to be missed. The lamp’s exposed light bulb is set in beautiful white marble and solid brass. The combination of modern design and natural materials is truly distinct. Whether placed on your desk, side table or bookshelf, this lamp will definitely show your discerning taste and creative style.

By K.S. Spatola 


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