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Dining February 26, 2017

Recipe | Goat Cheese Salad, Radishes & Pears

A refreshing and uncomplicated dish to serve as a starter to your gourmet guests. The Goat Cheese Salad, Radishes & Pears, a recipe by Chef Nicolas Vahé, is simply perfect to spice up your summer dinners. [+ Download the recipe right from this post]

Get Inspired February 5, 2017

How Green are you?

Inspired by two of Pantone top 10 colours for Spring 2017, Kale and Greenery, I am focusing this February on a fascinating colour: green. Its multiple shades all tend to evoke either a healthy life, a new beginning or a communion with the nature. How does green make you feel?

Get Inspired July 4, 2016


Decorating your interior with houseplants is one of the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere. Even the smallest use of greenery brings life and a sense of nature to any home. Luckily, living in warm Singapore gives us access to a wide range of tropical plants from palms to orchids, cacti and succulents.