French designer Mathieu Challières has introduced to the design scene one of the most intricate lamps I have ever laid eyes on — in the form of enchanting hanging birdcages. Have a look at some of his most stunning creations!

If you’re thinking birdcages and lamps are an odd pairing, one look at these lamps will prove you wrong. Challières’ volière (or aviary) lamps are delicate and elegant, while still remaining vibrant with their gorgeous coloured faux birds.

This one-of-a-kind lamp is individually handcrafted in Challières’ Parisian atelier out of copper wire mesh, a single bulb, and beautiful decorative birds made of real hand-dyed goose feathers. The lamps are available as table lamps and floor lamps, in small and large sizes for both types. They are perfect to decorate your kids room but not only! As shown on the pictures below, Mathieu Challières’ creations are ideal to liven up any room of the house.

I find these lamps are a sweet way to add a touch of spring to your interior, with the vibrancy of the birds corresponding to the renewed energy and joy the spring season brings. Although we don’t get to experience the full four seasons in sunny Singapore, this lamp is still perfect for adding a touch of liveliness and mother nature into your home.

Furthermore, its always great to have birds in the home, and these poetic lamps are a good replacement if you sometimes get sick of the sound of them or the cleaning of the cages!

Each model of Challières’ sophisticated yet adorable lamps are carefully designed to ensure visual harmony, and will make a great addition to any room of the house, particularly kids’ rooms. Each lamp is very unique, therefore colours and positioning of the birds may vary.

Turn your home into an enchanting space with these poetic luminaries, available in Singapore exclusively on Stylodeco.

Mathieu Challieres' Poetic Birdcages

Mathieu Challieres’ Poetic Birdcages on Stylodeco

Mathieu Challieres' Poetic hanging Birdcage

Source: @Planète

Hanging Birdcage by Mathieu Challières

Source: @Petit Bazaar

Hanging Birdcage by Mathieu Challières

Source: @Pinterest

Hanging Birdcage by Mathieu Challières - Birds detail

Source: @Style at Home

Mathieu Challières' hanging birdcage - kids room

Source: AD Architectural Digest

Mathieu Challières' birdcage - Table Lamp

Source: @Revistaad

Mathieu Challières' table lamp - Bird Cage - tropical living

Source: @AD Magazine

Matthieu Challieres' Table lamp - bird cage

Source: Susie Lowe

Mini Bird cage - Table lamp

Source @Graham and Greene

Mathieu Challieres' table lamp - bird cage

Source: Couleur Locale