How my kids last year almost found out Santa isn’t real because of my laziness. How a gift wrapping paper almost messed everything up. And how I intend this Christmas to preserve Santa’s secret by doing my own gift wrapping. Also sharing a few gift wrapping ideas.


This week, I’ve begun thinking about starting my Christmas shopping. For once, I’d like to avoid the usual last-minute gift hunting. The kids shared their wish list with us about a month ago (haha, that was like early November!), so we know pretty well what they would like to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

Last year, I used one single wrapping paper to wrap all their presents. That was my first mistake. I had bought this wrapping paper on a shopping trip with the kids. Yes, WITH the kids. My second mistake! As a result, when they saw their presents under the tree, they were like “mmmm I know that wrapping paper”.

Mom, did Santa use the wrapping paper we bought the other day?.”

Hehe, mmm… well… yes guys! isn’t that cool?”. Of course at that present moment I felt a bit stupid and ashamed. My kids had grown up, they had done the math in a matter of seconds. They still think that Santa is Santa, not daddy and mummy, and I kind of like the idea of preserving their innocence for a bit longer. When I realised my mistake, I knew I couldn’t wrap their presents with just one gift wrapping paper again. I had to be more creative. Smarter.

Has such a thing happened to you too? (please tell me it did).

To prevent myself from making the same mistake, this year I am determined to:

  1. not buy wrapping paper with them
  2. use various wrapping papers with different patterns and colours to wrap their presents.

There is always the option of asking the store you purchases the present from to wrap them for you, so that each present would be wrapped differently. However, most of the time you have to queue to get your presents wrapped, and what usually happens is that you leave the shop with unwrapped toy boxes because you are impatient, or lacking time, or you have to get the kids to school. In a nutshell, there always seems to be a good reason not to queue. And then the idea comes to mind that: “Hey! I can just wrap it myself”. Yes, I know, happens to me all the time.

This year, I thought I would try to be creative and try to do the gift wrapping myself (using not one, but various gift wrappers as I said before). I managed to find some really nice ideas on Pinterest, and am sharing my favourites with you today. Using kraft paper, paint, masking tape, glitter or magazines, there are so many ways to make creative, unique, and stylish gift wrapping without breaking the bank. You just need to take/find the time.

If you, as a mother, have other DIY gift wrapping ideas, feel free to share as I am sure many readers will find them useful!


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