Recently it has been raining in Singapore more often than it usually does at this time of the year.  Should you feel the need to brighten up your home with touches of Spring, check out these new free printable wrapping papers and gift tags featuring colourful butterflies.

I must admit Mathieu Challières’ enchanting birdcages really inspired me to choose these bright colourful butterfly patterns. His lamps are delicate and elegant, while still remaining vibrant with their gorgeous coloured faux birds (Read more about Mathieu Challières stunning creations here).

Instead of birds, I am suggesting butterflies.
Download for free four different A4 papers to help you wrap small gifts and do scrapbooking.  As well as round gifts tags to personnalise your presents.

Tools needed: a sheet of paper, a printer, a pair of scissors and a hole punch.

Free Printable Wrapping Papers Featuring Colourful Butterflies


Free Printable Gift Tags Featuring Colourful Butterflies