I am delighted to unveil today my fourth collaboration with a Chef: Julien Royer from restaurant Odette. Last week, I happily headed (for the second time in my life – lucky me!) to the iconic National Gallery of Singapore where restaurant Odette is nestled.

For the second time as I entered the restaurant, I immediately felt myself entering another world. Sophisticated, peaceful, magical.

The décor is really unique and inviting. The color palette features soft tones of beige and pastel pink enhanced by elements of brass and marble here and there.

The restaurant’s overall creative direction was led by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng. I think the magical atmosphere of the restaurant is a result of Ng’s creations. Amongst the decor, there is this fantastic piece of art in the restaurant’s main dining room. It is a collection of abstract collages, hand cut from oak, polyfoam, brass and paper and inspired from Chef Julien’s cuisine. The collages are hung from the high ceiling on a transparent string which gives the impression they are floating in the air, in suspension above the restaurant’s tables and guests. I think the whole installation is very poetic. To me it is refined, light, airy — and simply exquisite.

Not only does the décor look deliciously fabulous, the dishes are delicate, flavourful and stunning.

For our photoshoot, Chef Julien prepared two dishes and served each one on two different plates. Based on the plates selection, I brought a few decorative accents in tones of white marble, beige, pastel pink and brass to match the overall décor.

The first dish called Trombetta Zucchini (made with a walnut emulsion, pickled onions and tarragon ice cream) was served on my “Sandrine, Dinner Plate, Beige”, part of Bloomingville’s new 2016 tableware collection. The Sandrine serving line brings the beautiful, rustic charm of glazed ceramic right to your table.



The second dish prepared by Chef Julien was the Lemon Tart. But this dish was not just a “lemon tart”. It does not look like the standard lemon tart you usually get in most restaurants. Chef Julien’s Lemon Tart is a sophisticated reconstructed dessert made with Organic Sicilian Amalfi lemon curd, sable breton, basil sorbet and lemon yogurt foam. It is served on another one of Bloomingville’s lovely plates, Cécile in pink hues and delicate patterns.


According to Odette’s press release, “Royer’s dishes are refined in their simplicity” and I think this description suits the décor as well. My experience at Odette was truly delightful and I highly recommend you to visit if you haven’t yet. The Michelin Guide is about to rate restaurants in Singapore for the very first time (by the end of this year) and my bet is Chef Julien’s cuisine will certainly not leave the Michelin Guide inspectors indifferent!

PS. A special thank you to Chef Julien for taking the time to welcome me to his restaurant!

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