#Guest Chef No. 3

Adding a cherry to the top of the cake, the gourmet series continues with French Chef Florian Kraemer. Chef Florian is the pastry Chef of Justin Quek’s restaurant “Sky on 57” located on the top floor of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

After Chef Kentaro Torii‘s Japanese dishes and Chef Bruno Ménard‘s French dishes, Chef Florian has crafted 2 colourful, beautifully poetic desserts as you will see in the pictures below. Both desserts are intricately plated and look so delicate, with the colours perfectly matching that of my selected dessert plates from Bloomingville.

“Foresta Nera”
The first dessert Chef Florian created for this feature is called Foresta Nera. I’m sure you’ve never seen a Black Forest like this! Chef Florian’s dishes are generally seen to be revisiting the classics with a twist. The colour of the ice-cream perfectly matches the red of the plate. I also tried to match the blue of the plate with blue tableware, dinnerware and decorations.

“Coconut Cotton”
His second dessert sounds (and looks) like a sweet dream, right?! It is a celebration of yellows and greens with a touch of pink. So fresh, so minimalistic, so light that I’m not afraid of putting on any calories from this light dessert!

Thank you again Chef Florian!

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photo credit: www.perfect-imperfect.com | www.stylodeco.com


photo credit: www.perfect-imperfect.com | www.stylodeco.com


photo credit: www.perfect-imperfect.com | www.stylodeco.com


photo credit: www.perfect-imperfect.com | www.stylodeco.com


photo credit: www.perfect-imperfect.com | www.stylodeco.com


Chef Florian Kraemer. Photo credit: Marina Bay Sands | Sky on 57