#Guest Chef No. 2
I’ll be continuing my dining series with another great Chef, who was awarded 3 Stars by the Michelin guide: Bruno Ménard.

The first feature was of top Japanese Chef Kentaro Torii, who plated up two beautiful Japanese dishes.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce one of the most talented and renowned chefs ever: French Chef Bruno Ménard.
Thank you very much again Chef for accepting the challenge!

For the purpose of this collaboration, Chef Bruno prepared 2 dishes:
– Tomato Tartare & Daikon, Green Pea, Wasabi and Mint Sauce
– Riviera Salad with a twist

When thinking about the styling, I thought the Broste Skagen Leaf plates and bowl were very elegant, and thus suitable for such a talented Chef. Moreover, the bright colours of the dishes crafted by Chef Bruno (green and red) contrast the dark blue of the plate, bringing out the leaf pattern.

On the table, we have a mix of blue and gold colours, as well as raw materials using bottles (Bottle Laica blue by Broste and Bottle Copper by Bloomingville), t-lights by Broste and salad servers by House Doctor made of beech wood to create a casually elegant setting.

I hope you enjoy the images and the table setting as much as I enjoyed working with Chef Bruno.

Stay tuned; Guest Chef No. 3 is coming soon, with a surprise for those with a sweet tooth!