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Working with Michelin star chefs over the years has allowed me to gain great insight into good food and table setting. As a French native, I have also a strong inclination for everything that turns around the table. Here you will meet Chefs, discover some table setting ideas to suit your every occasion, as well as come across a collection of recipes.

Dining, Get Inspired June 19, 2017

8 Inspiring Kitchens with Wooden Elements

Adding wooden elements to your kitchen helps in creating a living space that is comfortable and welcoming. I have selected 8 kitchens with wooden door cabinets and floors. If you have no wood in your kitchen right now, an easy way to incorporate this natural material into your home is through kitchen accessories, dining ware and accent pieces. These smaller pieces are a great way to add undertones of natural warmth and earthiness to your living space.

Dining, Style Guides May 18, 2017

Styling Nilufer, Organic Tea brand

I met Leah from Nilufer a couple of months ago. She needed help to style her organic teas in store. We worked together on an attractive way to showcase her beautiful products, while respecting the brand’s image and philosophy. Check out her teas, they’re amazing!

Dining February 26, 2017

Recipe | Goat Cheese Salad, Radishes & Pears

A refreshing and uncomplicated dish to serve as a starter to your gourmet guests. The Goat Cheese Salad, Radishes & Pears, a recipe by Chef Nicolas Vahé, is simply perfect to spice up your summer dinners. [+ Download the recipe right from this post]

Dining, Essentials February 24, 2017

4 Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

How to create a magical and festive atmosphere when entertaining guests outdoor? What are the main decorating tips and tricks to make it a success? I have listed 4 essentials that will really help transform a dinner into a fabulous party with friends and family.

Dining January 21, 2017


In line with this week’s blog theme, I have selected 8 delicious-looking hazelnut desserts – including Martha Stewart’s chocolate mousse tart – since Hazelnut is one of Pantone top 10 colours for Spring 2017.  

Dining August 15, 2016


These French Gougères are small savoury pastry puffs, made with choux dough mixed with cheese. These are sure to impress your guests at aperitif time.I have been serving these gougères for many years, and nothing makes me happier than to see the excitement it brings my friends and family.