In line with this week’s blog theme, I have selected 8 delicious-looking hazelnut desserts – including Martha Stewart’s chocolate mousse tart – since Hazelnut is one of Pantone top 10 colours for Spring 2017.  

List of recipes featured below (Simply click on the image to view the recipe):

Hazelnut Mousse with Caramelised Hazelnuts by Hint of Vanilla

– Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse by Pretty.Simple.Sweet

– Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduja Blondies by Hummingbird

– Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream by The Sugar Hit

– (in French only) Babka Chocolat-Noisette by Elle à Table

– Pear, Thyme and Hazelnut Tart by The Gourmet Traveller

– Chocolate Mousse Tart with Hazelnuts by Martha Stewart

– Raw Choc-Hazelnut Raspberry Tart by Donna Hay

Hazelnut mousse with caramelized hazelnuts by Hint of Vanilla

Source: Hint of Vanilla

Milk chocolate hazelnut mousse by Pretty.Simple.Sweet

Source: Pretty.Simple.Sweet

Chocolate hazelnut gianduja blondies by Hummingbird

Source: Hummingbird

Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream by The Sugar Hit

Source: The Sugar Hit

Babka chocolat-noisette by Elle à Table

Source: Elle à Table

PEAR, THYME AND HAZELNUT TART by The Gourmet Traveller

Source: The Gourmet Traveller

Chocolate Mousse Tart with Hazelnuts by Martha Stewart

Source: Martha Stewart


Source: Donna Hay