Adding wooden elements to your kitchen helps in creating a living space that is comfortable and welcoming. I have selected 8 kitchens with wooden door cabinets and floors. If you have no wood in your kitchen right now, an easy way to incorporate this natural material into your home is through kitchen accessories, dining ware and accent pieces. These smaller pieces are a great way to add undertones of natural warmth and earthiness to your living space.

Modern kitchen with wooden door cabinets

Source: Domino

Large Kitchen with wooden table and cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets with light grey wooden doors

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Kitchen with wooden lampshade and chairs

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Kitchen with wooden floors and wooden dining table

Source: Gravity Home

Kitchen with dark wooden floors and cabinets

Source: Interior Likes

Kitchen with wooden floor, table and chairs

Source: Le Sojorner

Kitchen with wooden floors, dining table and bench

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