How to create your own outdoor reading corner, a cosy nook where time is suspended and the three things you need only to enjoy are (1) silence, (2) your book and (3) the view? I have found 12 outdoor cosy nooks you will die for.

I have been struggling lately with how to create a cosy outdoor reading corner at home.

My family and I basically live outside. Mainly because our living and dining rooms are being occupied by Stylodeco’s showroom 😉 But also because as Europeans, we like spending time outdoor. And when you are parents of two active boys, you appreciate being out there even more!

So as I said, we literally spend most of our time outside the house: we have our meals outside, entertain our friends outside, play the cards, enjoy weekends and read outside. Our outdoor space is our main living area, the one we spend the most time in (well, out…).

Today we have a large extending dining table and 8 chairs on one end, and a 2-seater sofa, two rattan armchairs and two side (coffee) tables on the other end. I would like to replace the 2-seater couch by a 3-seater chair (most probably this one) so we can at least lay down comfortably when reading on weekends.

While looking for inspiration to create my own reading corner, I came across these 12 fabulous cosy nooks. I would die to sit in one of these chairs with a book right now! I really love these small shaded areas, usually below a tree, a pergola or by the swimming pool. Whatever the time of the day, it feels as if time was suspended. To me, they are the perfect spots to relax while enjoying a good book, sipping a Perrier or simply listening to Mother Nature.

And while you’re at it, I’ll go look for that 3-seater sofa! 🙂 Enjoy!


Source: Daniella Witte


Source: Inspirations Deco


Source: Caroline Legrand Design


Source: An Indian Summer


Source: House & Garden


Source: Archi Expo


Source: Journal Dar Aartisans


Source: Casa Vogue

outdoor-cosy-nooks-to-die-for-chair with a sea view

Source: Style Files


Source: Style Files


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